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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Measures to reduce Obesity

Measures to reduce Obesity -

Obesity has become a common problem today, every person is disturbed. Our way of living is something like this: we are only eating the accounts of which our obesity increases but still there are many such measures in Ayurveda by which we can reduce the belly fat too, we will tell you here how to reduce the stomach fat by staying at home without any harm.

 Ramdev will tell you about some of the most essential home remedies through which you can reduce the weight of 15 to 20 kg in a month. Obtain this obesity and pay more attention to it. 20kg Obesity Reduction Tips and Tips Home Remedies for Reducing Stomach One month to lose weight of 15 to 20 kg, tell what to do - then stop food and stop taking food for one month, instead of roasting Drink lentil water drinks salad can eat watermelon can take the juice of the loci Pomegranate can eat pomegranate can also take apple in a small quantity, so much got to eat.

Obesity will thus ease the stomach to reduce the stomach For the sprouted moong, which can grow in large herb, he can also eat rice chapatti, which is the food for one month, stop eating all the carbohydrates because the rice Zeda is carbohydrate, it is slightly lower in wheat, in one month to reduce the stomach, and then start consuming the flame carbohydrate diet, stop taking it for a few days and eat it anyway I have told many things to reduce obesity you can consume them just do not eat food when eaten watermelon when hungry eat cucumber Eat cucumber tomato or tomato soup loci Soup loci soup, yellow two are so many to eat, then grains stop for one month and now you have to eat the leaves of Ashwagandha for one month, feed it for seven days, then stop for seven days and then feed it for seven days you can eat it continuously. In just one month, weight of 15 to 20 kg of obesity will decrease, the stomach will decrease, it is like an enemy of obesity, within just a few months, what could be better than this, due to genetic reasons.

 To reduce the stomach, reduce obesity, then the shortcut is not anywhere. Hard work must be done. To reduce the stomach, stop taking salt in it is a very big factor. Shut the tea too, leave the tea and ghee and also eat the things made from lubricant. You can take milk and curd to give protein to the body so that you do not have any physical impairment during this period, one month after reducing obesity In order to reduce the speed of any obesity, you should stop taking the food and then see that to reduce the stomach, we have told you the juice of the locomotive watermelon cucumber cucumber tomato or tomato soup loci Start drinking apple pomegranate milk-curd etc. in obesity, let it reduce the stomach up to 100 faster.

The obesity event will start. Whenever you get hungry, then only what you have said is eaten. Stop taking roti vegetables i.e. just eat fruit juice- Start taking milk-curd. This is a quick way to reduce stomach, which relieves obesity without any loss 2 second homes The remedy is to drink hot water every day, or whenever you drink water, drink only hot water. If you start drinking hot water daily and using it for daily use for 1-2 months then you are surprised Because this easy remedy will reduce your obesity by reducing the stomach. 3 The third way to reduce fatigue is to buy cow Urine extracts from the market or cow slab Patanjali store cow guard etc. And you can get it easily in cow's house. It will give you this small easy use of water daily with 4-5 hot water daily in a month and you will be able to use this experiment for 6 consecutive months if your obesity The stomach will become completely normal all obesity will end. It is an extremely accurate way to reduce fat and reduce belly fat.

Note - 

Obesity is a very important way to reduce the stomach's stomach and lower abdominal strain. If you do not do much as much as you have been told, you will not be able to reduce the obesity, and if you consume this cow urine then cancer cholesterol blood pressure stomach disease constipation acidity heart disease etc. You will never get rid of this disease. Constipation itself does not have any cure. Even after treatment, it happens repeatedly but if you are told cow urine If you take it from the rake, then 101 will cause constipation forever, so to reduce the stomach, give Urine urine every morning with four to five spoons of hot water. Gau Urine is a remedy in reducing obesity. If you have suggested home remedies to reduce obesity If you do for one month, you will lose a lot of weight if you can not eat without food for a month, instead of having meals twice a day you can eat once a day. If you consume less food and eat as much food as you can, then your weight will be reduced fast, besides morning urine, gourd urine, gourd juice etc. Regularly eat and drink.

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