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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Home remedies will beat viral fever

The fear of viral fever in these seasons is high. We are telling you to avoid this 5 panacea home remedies, but before that the symptoms of viral fever -

If there is viral fever, symptoms like throat pain, headache, pain in joint, red in the eyes, very quick warming of the forehead, cough, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. Only by the name of viral fever can it be understood that it can be from one person to another. Know home remedies for protection -

1 turmeric and nourishment powder -

Sougat i.e. Ginger powder and ginger are properties that fix fever. So mix one small spoon turmeric, a spoonful of naushala powder and some sugar in a spoonful of black pepper powder. Now heat it by adding one cup of water, then cool and drink. This will help to eliminate viral fever.

2 Use Basil -

Basil contains antibiotic properties which eliminate the virus inside the body. So mix 10-15 basil leaves with one spoon clove powder. Now put it in 1 liter of water, boil it until it becomes dry half by half. Now filter it and drink it cold every 1 hour. Doing so will get relief from viral soon.

3 Drink Coriander Tea -

Coriander has many medicinal properties. Drink tea by making tea and get relief in viral soon.

4 Drink fenugreek water -

Take one cup of fenugreek seeds in the night and drink it in the morning and drink it every one hour.

5 lemons and honey -

Lemon juice and honey also reduce the effect of viral fever. You can also consume honey and lemon juice.

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