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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

5 Tips From Acupressure - Relieve Physical Troubles

Acupressure is a type of medical practice in which problems of health can be solved by pressing the points located in different places of the body . Indeed, these points are internally related to those places, where you are having problems. Know some tips for acupressure that will be helpful and beneficial for you -

1 If you have headache, stress, dizziness, brain imbalance or nose, ear and eye problems, then pressing on the back side of the ear which is tilted inside is beneficial.

2 Cholesterol, Throat Problems, Hiccups, Vomiting, Problems with Blood Pressure and Resistant Potential, it will benefit from suppressing part of the hand, i.e. the rear portion behind the elbow.

3 tooth pain by reversing the palm on the issue of press part between the index finger and thumb. Apart from this, there are two points on the jaw in the perpendicular to the outer line of eyes, which will be beneficial for suppressing.

If the knee pain, stiffness, swelling etc., press the forward, back, left and left, pointing towards the front of the knee around. At the same time pressing on the point of soles of a foot near the heel will also be beneficial.

5 If the problem of thyroid , press on both the hands and the legs raised above the thumb of both feet. Make it in the direction of the bush needle and leave it. Keep doing this for some time.

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